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  • Do you have a deep desire to find true connection to horses?
  • Do you have a deep desire to find true connection in your relationships with humans too?
  • Do you have a deep desire to find true and unconditional love?
  • Have you been seeking? Do you have a feeling deep in yourself what it could be?

Have you touched it and want to touch it again and learn how to live a life in connection with all that is? In respect of nature and its wisdom and strength?

I invite you to come on a Journey of Transformation, a Hero’s Journey with Horses as Teachers.

The wisdom of the horses, the wisdom of nature, you find it in yourself. It is not outside, it is inside. That is where the horses will take you. They will ask: Who are you? Behind all the masks? Where is the power of your love? Nothing else counts for the horse. And if it finds you it will touch your heart and you will know that you are at home now.

You do not need any experience with horses. If you are afraid of horses, you will overcome your fear and find courage.

If you are experienced with horses, you will find something beyond all methods and tricks. You will learn how to connect with a horse and work with a horse – naked, just you and the horse.

You need no technique, no manipulation, no dominance to meet a horse – or a human being. The security you seek is found in love. What you learn from the horses, in my workshops and coachings is that true connection and it is the basis for everything you do with horses, whether it is training, training, riding, or just being together with a horse.

If you are working with people, looking for relationships, looking for a fulfilled life, the same applies. Everything changes when you find the connection, not only with horses, but also with people and above all with yourself.

My workshops and coachings are journeys into this connection, they are journeys to yourself and to real communion, to a life that corresponds to you, in which you feel the power of nature that resides in us all.

I am looking forward to meeting you in one of my workshops or coachings, to embark with you and the horses on a journey that will change your life forever.


Spirit Horse – Find True Connection Workshops



What people say…

You live what you teach

What has made you and your work for me personally so helpful, is your absolute authenticity, You live what you teach in your workshops – this makes you so trustworthy and it has totally convinced me even if I am a very critical person. You listen, you are compassionate, but completely remain with yourself, and do not get involved in the drama of others, but ask them to take responsibility for themselves. This sometimes is challenging but at the end I was glad that you have helped me to transform myself again and again.
Stefanie Janke

I can count on you

I experience you as a person who gives feedback, always with love from your heart authentically and honestly. I can count on you and I enjoy so much to share experiences with you. Thanks to your support I am going forward in 7 miles of boots on the way to myself and to a better life.
No matter if I meet the light or the darkness everything is welcome and belongs to me and this gives me trust and guidance.
I thank you from my heart!
Sieglinde Pippilotta Zottmaier

I come home with joy in my heart and a balanced energy system

What has touched me is that you take everybody as he is. You show the people the way to their heart, in a whole existence with body, mind and soul. You lead the people in a process which is determined only for this person and this person can develop with the contents from it at home, in his or her tempo. It is maybe sometimes a little bit “uncomfortable” but it is positively lasting. What I mean with it: I have recently taken part in a horse course. Here I came home absolutely chaotic and feeling destroyed. Now I can see the strong quality of working with you: I have come home always strengthened, with joy in the heart and a regular, harmonious energy system. I am very grateful for it. In the Coaching you open new horizons. It is like a change of perspective. Your courses still give me strength. I have learnt sooooo much and am still in “move”. Live is beautiful. Thanks Ulrike. Bliss and happiness for you.
Karin Sieber

You look deep into the soul

I am touched by your deep ability to love. You accept all beings like they are and you look deep into the soul. I like your stillness, your sovereignty, your humor and the liveliness.
Michaela Schönlein

Your passion for transformation touches me

For me it is your passion for transformation and the love for humans and nature which has touched me.
Andrea O’Neill

I can see people in a different way and understand them better

You have taught me to accept who I am and what I am. I am more than I thought, and I express more than I was aware of. I could accept that I have abilities which are maybe strenuous at first sight or strange, but they belong to me. What I remember most of the course is the community. One can recognize a good teacher by his students. And I have got the feeling that your community grows around you, without people becoming dependent. Rather more independent, but the connection remains. I myself as a teacher / trainer have learnt to better let go. When you held your workshop at our place, I have got the feeling that everyone was accepted they way we are. Through your eyes my world has got quite an new meaning for me. I can see my daughter and my horses and the people in my life in a different way, I can appreciate them and understand them better.
Claudia Pflüger

I found the courage to jump

„Before I have decided on take part in the intensive with Ulrike, I had expectations which were not only fulfilled, but were far excelled!
I am incredibly grateful for the valuable input I found. It was an intensive experience that lasted several weeks which has enriched me very much. Every single coaching session has extended my horizon step by step, lead to more connection with myself and has given me new strength and energy!
Ulrike spoke to me from the heart and hit, briefly and exactly, always the right points and steered me to the answers which I found partly in my inside, but partly also from Ulrike in words that spoke to me directly. In addition, she has allowed me new knowledge and to me has indicated ways which brought me more ease and joy!
The Coaching with Ulrike was a very creative time for me, while I have written my second book and have completely reworked the offers of my heart business. I stood on the edge of a springboard, right into the next level – privately and professionally! However, ran uncertainly up and down. Ulrike gave me the courage to jump and I have not regretted it!
Thank you from my deepest heart, Ulrike
Sarah Rogalski, animal communicator

Unbelievable joy and love came into my life

The coaching with you has changed my life in many ways. At all times have I felt accepted and safe. I was allowed to be sceptical, vulnerable, fearful and not easy to handle.
You have been present and sensitive at all times and at the same time with the unerring energy of a mole who digs his way you have penetrated with me into the deeper layers of my subconsciousness. Here I could experience that painful feelings can change, old convictions turn out to be illusions and I have drawn unbelievable joy and love into my life.
After I was ready to confront my fear, I felt like newborn.
The coaching was a deeply transformative experience through which I could unfold my potential. Thank you from my deepest heart.
Karin Krech

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