The Greatest Adventure Of My Life

My name is Ulrike Dietmann. Behind me lies a fascinating journey with the horses, which began in 2008 and which has completely changed my life.

In the meantime, I have accompanied countless people on their way into a deep connection with their horses and into their personal highest potential.

I have held countless workshops in three languages ​​and six countries and touched thousands of people with my books, seminars and coaching on the wisdom of the horses.

My book “On The Wings Of Horses” (with a foreword by Linda Kohanov) has become a bestseller and is available in German (“Auf den Flügeln der Pferde”), English and French “Le cheval – guerisseur de l’homme”)

I teach Riding with Consciousness, Horse Dancing (a form of ground work) and other practical approaches to working with a horse, training a horse and finding safety with a horse without using force or dominance.

I have trained 35 Hero’s Journey with Horses® Instructors in Germany, Austria, Switzerland and France, a concept that I developed to bring people to their greatest potential by connecting with horses.

I organize the unique Horse & Spirit Festival near Stuttgart, Germany, every year, bringing together over 150 people to celebrate community and learn from the best coaches in the field.

I founded a publishing house where innovative authors such as Maren Diehl and Ute Wilhelms publish books on the horse-human relationship.

I coach inspired and ambitious people internationally on the phone or via Skype in my premium coaching programs on their way out of crises, into healing and to their greatest potential based on horse wisdom.

My life has become rich, I am blessed to be able to live my dream, meet fascinating people, travel to beautiful places, meet and work with horses of all races and make the world a better place for horses and humans. In this way I always learn and grow beyond myself, too.

Right here I want to invite you to a journey to discover yourself with horses as your teachers and to find true connection. Because this is what we are all seeking: to connect. And this is the essential truth nature teaches us: That we are all connected.

I know the way and I will accompany you safely and with all my love.

That is my passion and my vision

Ulrike Dietmann


Hear me speak:


Our Philiosophy at Spirit Horse: The Horses Bring Out The Best In Us


More and more people are feeling it: Life on our planet is dizzying fast. Our feelings play crazy. Conceived concepts of handling no longer work. Every day, we face new challenges at work, in relationships, in our search for happiness and fulfillment.

Creativity, authentic feeling and experience, authentic relationships and trust in our intuition are the skills we need more than anything else to master our lives and unfold our full potential. We need the ability to invent, shape, empathize, feel, know, love, heal and draw boundaries.
All this we can learn from horses. Of horses?

Why horses?

Suddenly your eyes open and you see what you’ve been looking for a lifetime: in the eye of a horse. You see the Tao. You are not hungry, you are not freezing, you are not afraid and not worried, for you have found something that makes you want to rest. You want nothing else than what you have found here with the horse: peace and stillness. Here is the source of everything that comes and goes.

Strange, strange

Only what is alive refreshes the soul. Horses are born creatives. They recognize the aliveness in you and respond to it. They show you the whole extent of your inner strength. You feel you can trust and they trust you, when you trust yourself. They show you the difference between true being and false self. In it they are incorruptible teachers.
Maybe you can not imagine how an encounter with horses should look like. This is not possible because you can only experience it – and you will experience it differently than anyone else. It is a personal experience and it springs from the moment.

Here is what a horse wants to tell you

Take care of yourself. Heal. Be inventive. Find solutions. Find well being. Accept what is. Be connected to all everything. Feel yourself. Feel your spirit. Live in the present moment. Be authentic. Play with boundaries, set boundaries, respect boundaries. Do not force, be in the flow. Ride in unity, share your feelings, work together, enjoy, transform.

And who must I be to be able to participate?

You do not need to know how to handle or ride horses. Just be yourself. That is enough.
I find this interesting, but I am afraid of horses
Safety is the top priority in our work. The connection with a horse is also possible over the fence. You decide how, when and where you are approaching. You draw your own limits. Taking your fear seriously and overcoming it, when you are ready, will inspire you.

How does this work differ from other methods of personality training?

You leave the world of people and their judgments. The horses are your teachers. You go into nature, to the essence, and there you have access to a new consciousness.

How does this work differ from other methods of horse training?

In this work the foundation of all you do is the connection between you and the horse. Whether you ride or do ground work, whether you lead a horse or lounge a horse, first you seek a connection. You work on yourself on becoming a true horse man, a true horse woman, through mastering yourself before you master the horse. You develop your intuition, your authenticity, your presence and your awareness of the processes that happen between you and the horse. Through this everything becomes easy and playful. When you are connected with yourself, the horse will naturally and effortlessly connect with you.

How people and horses have inspired me

The workshops of Spirit Horse originate from the flow of what happens, from authentic connection, from what the horses and the people bring in. Each workshop at Spirit Horse is unique and a kind of work that follows the rhythm of nature and the flow of energy and heart. Browse the program. Listen with your heart, let your soul talk about its calling, listen to the horses calling you. You will experience something surprising that will fill you with inner peace and happiness.

Me and my team is here for you to guide you safely on your path.

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