Workshop 4 – Jamaica – Journey to the Source

Jamaica – Journey to the Source

A Hero’s Journey Workshop®
with Ulrike Dietmann
in German and English language

for a maximum of 6 participants

On the beach I met a Jamaican cowboy who was taking care of the horses. We talked about horses and life. Suddenly he said, “I can see God laughing in you”. The Jamaicans have their own view of things: soulful.

Jamaica – The place to be

Jamaica is an island in the Caribbean, near Cuba. It is a former British colony and independent since 1962. The national language is English and the currency is the Jamaican dollar. Jamaica has about 3 million inhabitants, is 235 long and 82 km wide.

The name Jamaica means “land of springs”. The temperatures are between 30 and 33 degrees Celsius all year round. A light breeze makes the climate one of the most pleasant in the world. The time difference to Germany is – 6 hours.

“One Love – One Heart” is the motto of the Jamaican Rastafarians
Trees, people, animals, heaven and earth – everything is one in love

Annandale – The Farm

Annandale: a place like a fairytale. It was a tropical rainstorm that allowed me to get to know closer its resident Monika Maitland-Walker.

Monika Maitland-Walker, our host, runs the farm with cattle, horse breeding and vegetable plantations. She says, “I do not feel like I own the farm, I feel like I take care of it.”

Annandale is a 600-acre farm in the heart of Jamaica. For 180 years, Annandale was inhabited by close relatives of the English royal family and farmed as a cattle farm until the Maitland-Walker family took over them 20 years ago and renovated the 1760 mansion.

Annandale is not a guesthouse that can be booked online. We are private guests of Monika Maitland-Walker. She has lived in Jamaica for 40 years and is originally from Austria. We live in the rooms of the mansion, in a traditional place. An opportunity that is rare.

20 horses, most of them from own breeding, live on the area

Der Round-Pen of Annandale

Characteristic of Annandale: the view into the distance

The terrain is so big that you can not walk around it in one day. Wherever you look, you can see hills and hills of wild nature. Herds of cattle, geese, salamanders, dogs, cats, donkeys and horses that live on sprawling pastures. Where ever you go: Breathtaking beauty all around. A feeling of being in paradise. A feeling of the soul coming home.
Here you can find a movie about the house and the farm.

Patrick is responsible for the horses on Annandale.
He calls himself a “trying to learn Jamaican horseman”
Patrick is a Rastafarian, a member of the local religion with the slogan “caring and sharing” and “One Heart – One Love”

Jamaica – private

We get to know Jamaica beyond mainstream tourism. We get to know the people who live there. We are in the middle of nature – just for us.

On two private tours we will visit the Blue Mountains, the Bob Marley Museum at Kingston, the Shaw Park Gardens at Ocho Rios and the sea. There you can also swim with horses.

The charming Sugar Pot Ruins Beach with local restaurant

Swimming in the Caribbean Sea with experienced horses

Nature in Jamaica is energetic, abundant, a source of power and serenity at the same time. Earth and sky are touching. Everything speaks.

Life in Jamaica is simple and essential.

One with nature: If you look closely you discover the human being

There may be a power outage or other imponderables. What you experience instead are people who are friendly, wise and warm-hearted despite the economic difficulties. They understand how to enjoy life. As a guest you will feel welcome everywhere, you will be inspired by the ease and the joy of life. Many Jamaican visitors say that it is the most beautiful place they have traveled. Yes, Jamaica is a jewel, a myth, an island full of contradictions and contrasts, a wild beauty.

(I’m in the photo when you see me, you know how big the tree is)

Stay longer

It is possible to extend the stay in Annandale or, for example, come a little earlier and leave later. It is also easy to find accommodation by the sea on airbnb. I am happy to help with questions about the trip.

Contact home / internet / telephone

I can get a Jamaican SIM card with a prepaid amount for you. This allows you to make international calls and use the Internet, even on the farm. Short phone calls are also possible from my mobile phone.

Participation fee / organization

Bed and breakfast in the mansion of Annandale in a single room with private bath / shower / WC 7 nights 700,00 EUR

Lunch / Dinner 7 days 280,00 EUR

Workshop Hero’s Journey “Journey to the Source” 6 days 980,00 EUR

Organizational package 200,00 EUR

Transfer from the airport to the farm 50,00 EUR. To the farm: Jan 31, 2018 in the evening Back: Feb 07, 2018 in the afternoon.
(If you come at other times, the cost depends on the number of people.
A taxi to the airport costs 100 US dollars)

Participation fee incl. Accommodation, food, workshop, transfer and organization fee 2210.00 EUR

Not included: flight and excursions, (bus and entrance fees).
The costs will be announced in advance.

Fee for swimming with horses, if desired (70 US $)

Please book the flight yourself.

Maximum number of participants: 6 people

We support you in all organizational matters, so that you can experience a pleasant and safe journey.

Jamaica entry requirements:
A visa is not required, vaccinations are not required.

The program

  • Find deep peace of mind
  • experience a guided Hero’s Journey with a prominent facilitator to connect deeply with your source
  • rejuvenate
  • in a place far away from everyday life and habits in a friendly warm climate, a nature full of beauty and power, a soulful culture.
  • Meet horses and other animals that live in great freedom
  • get to know the power of mighty trees
  • find the source
  • swim in the caribbean sea.
  • Get to know Jamaica in 2 excursions.
  • Swimming with horses on request, managing owner Ulrike DietmannSpirithorse - workshops & seminars - coaching - contact projekt & service: agentur einfachpersönlich